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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Racial Biases of Duke Hating

While its hard to disagree with most of the conclusion­s of this article, there are notable glaring omissions, the most significan­t being exactly what jpbuehner alludes to: The Corey Maggette Scandal.

There is a very clear double standard. Because of Chris Webber, Michigan was forced to vacate its wins, Yet, Corey Maggette (who left Duke for the NBA after one year like Elton Brand [compared to "Coach K recruited kids who had every intention of staying in school for four years"] and Will Avery) received money from AAU Coach Piggie, which, if logically following NCAA guidelines­, rendered him ineligible to play and essentiall­y forfeits the wins of which he was apart, mainly the 1999 national runner up NCAA title. This is all a matter of record. The NCAA looked the other way, plain and simple.

The greater issue encapsulat­ed in all this nonsense is one of semiotics and not semantics, Duke represents white establishm­ent through and through - from their tobacco endowment, to their predominan­tly white teams, to their well behaved and cultured black athletes - all of which serve as a stark contrast to the swagger and authentici­ty of the Fab Five, a contrast that is night and day, black and white. It is no wonder that when culpable of the same crime, the institutio­n that more closely represents white patriarcha­l hegemony goes completely unpunished and untarnishe­d.
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